At Pinkpolka we love design. We think it’s so important that it should touch every part of your special day. An invitation is just the first glimpse of what’s in store for your wedding day. You want it to leave a lasting impression and a preview of the fun to come!

We take care of all the visual details of your wedding. Save yourself the time and the stress of coordinating it all yourself. We’re the experts—we use design to make all your ideas possible and keep the theme consistent through out all of your printed pieces.

Pinkpolka’s name is born from a true love of patterns. Patterns create inspiration with their harmonious, sometimes clashing, shapes and textures. The polka dot is a classic pattern. A polka dot has an unmistakable flavour—it can be sophisticated and classic in black and white or fun and playful in bubble gum pink and powder blue. You’ll find them on a posh evening gown or a child’s toy. The polka dot is incredibly versatile—just like us!


Pinkpolka is founded on a passion for graphic design. Owner and Designer, Jenelle Gartner, has a Bachelor of Design and has gained invaluable experience working in professional design studios. Aside from graphic design—creativity and constructing has always been a joy in life. Jenelle brings a combination of modern sophistication, fun and playfulness that will leave you with a truly unique and memorable design piece.