The Value of a Wedding Planner

Last Thursday I was at an event when I was talking to Jolyn Saramaga of Nuance Occasions and fully realized the value of a wedding planner. The room we were in had been transformed into a chic and modern cocktail venue and it was Jolyn who drew my attention to how they created the ambiance with something calling lighting gels. Well, I had no idea these gels would create such a dramatic difference in the light and mood of a room, nor would I have thought to use something like this for my own wedding.

Because I generally think in two dimension format I often can get a little confused by the three dimension stuff. I will have amazing stationery at my wedding, but have no idea how to create ambiance in a room, organize tables and seating, keep a flow of events for the evening, etc, etc. I am a details person, and want all these details to be perfect for my guests. The thought of having to research and have knowledge of these items seems overwhelming and exhausting. As Jolyn and I continued to talk we were discussing aisle runners and she told me a story where the aisle runner was not secure to the floor and the bride had a huge train. Jolyn had the expertise and foresight to know the aisle runner would have ended up at the alter with the bride if it wasn't held. She had two of her assistants on each side to secure the runner from moving with the bride. That is impressive!

So saying all of the above, I am convinced that a wedding planner is well worth the money! There are many qualified planners in the city, along with Jolyn, that wold be happy to meet with you to give you an idea of what they can offer!