Thank you Card Ettiquette

Although it is often neglected, a thank you card is one of the most important wedding stationery elements. A lot of couples get busy organizing budget and preparing for the wedding that they often forget or leave thank you cards to the last minute. According to Emily Post,  all thank you notes should be sent within 3 months of receiving the gift. As of late, I have been encouraging my couples to add thank you cards to their invitation order so they can budget accordingly and aren't scrambling to get them done amongst all the post-wedding activities and organization. 
There are a few options for the format of a thank you card including: a small folded card that is blank inside, a note card (similar to a recipe card), a picture card folder with slits for a 4x6 photo, or you can do a picture thank you. You can also carry through the theme of your invitations or make personalized stationery with your new initials as a married couple. 

The Emily Post website stresses that it is not acceptable to send pre-printed cards, make phone calls or send emails. Each thank you cards should be personally written acknowledging the gift given. For more tips and helpful forms, including a "wedding gift record" visit