Vendor Spotlight: Eternal Reflections Photography

I love making new connections with other wedding industry vendors. My latest connection is with Radelle of Eternal Reflections Photography. I had a chance to ask her a few questions about her craft and business of photography. After the post enjoy some beautiful eye candy of Radelle's provided images! For more information visit her website at:

1. Where are you located? 
Edmonton, Alberta. We serve the local market, but also photograph tons of Destination Weddings (we even offer 3 free ones/year )!

2. How did you decide to become a photographer? 

As cliché as it sounds, I have always loved photography & used to dress my sisters up as brides (when I was a little girl), using a table cloth for their dress & another one for their veil & make them pose! I went to university & got my psych degree, but while doing that my photography company took off! Being a photographer was far more fun then being a psychologist for me, so I ran with it!

3. How would you describe your style of photography? 

Romantic, Passionate & Stylish.

4. What sets you apart from other photographers? 

Firstly, my passion. I only photograph couples (engagements & weddings). I don't do babies or families, etc because I am not passionate about them. As such I am a specialist in weddings & love. Clients always comment on how much fun the shoots are, and I think that is because I genuinely love my job! Love it! People tease me about being such a romantic, but its working' for me!

Additionally, I give my clients the DVD of high resolution images, with EVERY single image touched up. I think this is key. Modern, sophisticated brides want their weddings images & they don't want the hassle of seeing tiny low resolution proofs and then having to order every single images that they want at a very inflated price from their photographer. I empower my clients & treat them the way that I would want to be treated. With ALL of my wedding images, looking perfect.

5. Tell me about your team of partners at Eternal Reflections Photography

There are 3 of us at Eternal Reflections Photography. We are all partners & have the same shooting style. Adam (my husband) is beyond talented and has a huge fan base! Kari (my sister) is a fan favourite as her work is fabulous and she is a total bubble to be around!

6. What other products do you offer once the photos are taken? 

ALL of our clients get ALL of their images (highest quality resolution) on a DVD. All of the images are perfectly touched up. In our upper two packages, brides also receive the most fabulous album! We are the only company in Canada that carries this type of album and it is a huge honour! We also carry prints, slideshows & Large stunning Gallery Wraps.

7. Who is your perfect client? 

A stylish confident woman who is madly in love. Who values Fabulous photography & Chic albums.

8. What should I bride look for when making a decision on who to hire as a wedding photographer?
1) You need to make sure that you are receiving your HIGH RESOLUTION digital files (negatives). This is key for facebook, blogs, emailing. This enables you to print whatever you want, whenever you want, for whomever you want. Your bridesmaids will no longer have to order a $40 8x10 from your photographer, as you can get your own printing (at a professional lab, recommended by your photographer). This empowers you with your own images & changes the way your photographer photographs your wedding.

The other thing to think about is that photographers whose focus is selling prints are gearing their shooting only towards shots that you will for sure buy. So they are mainly focusing on the family formals (as moms and dads will for sure buy them!, posed images of the two of you & certain ceremony moments. Thus knowing that Brides and Grooms have a budget, and can only purchase so much, they don’t capture the small details, the stolen glances, the laughter, the Brides shoes, the groomsmen goofing off, the Bride being silly and sweet! They don’t capture the day in full, because they are shooting to sell, and not shooting to capture. We shoot to capture. We want to you have too many images, too many memories, too many details!

2) Additionally, make sure that your photographer is touching up every single image on your disc. The last thing you want is images (no matter how great they are) straight out of the camera. You deserve beautifully hand touched images. (see more about that here:

9. What is the most important thing you want couples to know about Eternal Reflections Photography?

That we are Internationally Award winning photographers who are fun and know how to make you feel fabulous & look glamorous on your wedding day!