Tips on making your wedding stationery unique

I was asked by Canadian Living Magazine to provide some tips and tricks that I offer my clients that are trying to create unique wedding stationery. Below are three tips I would suggest to clients that want to have distinctive wedding invitations & stationery.

1. Infuse your personality into your wedding stationery.
I feel it's important for couples to be true to themselves throughout the entire process of planning a wedding, especially when it comes to their wedding stationery. Too often, I have clients that have a strong preference to certain colors and styles of invitations, but want to make sure they conform to conventions they think are proper. Social standards have evolved greatly and it's more common for wedding invitations to be creative and customized with the couple's personality.

2. Use color, texture and shape in your stationery to standout. 

The beauty of paper is that it comes in so many colors and textures. To create a distinct invitation mix different styles of paper such as metallic with matte to create texture between all the pieces. A simple way to create impact is to use a colored sheet of paper which is less common than standard white. If you have the budget, there are endless production methods like die-cut, laser-cut, embossing, and letterpress that will stand apart from standard digital printing.

3. Little details make big impact.
There are small stationery details that can be added to a wedding invitations that create big impact. Try adding a envelope liner that reveals a color or pattern when your guest pulls out the invitation. Using a return address sticker with a details of your invitation design will intrigue your guests for what they will find inside. Another special touch is creating custom postage from that coordinates with your invitations.