Freebie! Printable Christmas Cards

As our gift to you this holiday season we are posting a free download of DIY Christmas cards! With all the electronic correspondence in our lives many of us have forgotten the value of a hand-written note. Don't let this Christmas pass by without sending holiday love to your family and friends! 

Click here to download the PDF for your printable holiday cards and follow the directions below.

What you need:     
1. Desktop printer
2. White card stock (Letter-size)
3. Scoring tool (the dull side of a butter knife works well)
4. X-acto knife
5. Cutting mat
6. A2 envelopes

1. Print the PDF file, using your desktop printer; 
2. Use a scoring tool to score along the dotted blue lines; 
3. Use an X-acto knife and cutting mat to trim along the solid black trim lines; 
4. Carefully fold the card in half along the score line once it is fully trimmed;
5. Finally, write a personalized message, address your envelope and put it in the mail with a stamp!

Design 1 (Page 1 of PDF)

Design 2 (Page 2 of PDF)