Meet Angela our New Intern!

For the next couple of months we have a new face around the studio. I'm happy to introduce Angela, our new intern! Angela is a recent graduate of the Grant MacEwan Design - Illustration program. She is a perfect fit for us as she is building her creative and professional experience while looking for her first post-graduation job. She has shared a bit about herself so we could get to know her and you can also check out her personal website.
Name: Angela Wun
Hometown: This is a toughy. I'd say Hong Kong because I was born there, but Edmonton is where I'm raised.
Reason I became a designer: I wanted to turn my hobby, drawing, into a career. On the way towards that goal, I discovered that I love print design, too!
Favourite thing about weddings: The slideshow at the reception–adorable baby pictures and embarrassing haircuts/outfits? Yes, please!
One thing I can't live without: Emoticons. :) :( :'( >_< :D :S :P :-/ Oh my gosh, make me stop. I actually consciously tell myself to reel it in when I type e-mails to clients or potential employers. It is nearly instinctive to inform people of my digital feelings.
Current obsession: The Edmonton Public Library. Did you know you can access free and legal music downloads from the public library?! And they carry video games, too! Video game design is relevant to my illustration background, so I borrow them for research purposes. ;)