Top 10 :: 2015 Wedding Invitations (Part 2)

Earlier we shared the first five of our top 10 invitations of 2015. Below are the top five of the list. 

No. 5 :: Lena & Jamie 

It was a requirement for Lena & Jamie to have an invitation that was opulent and luxurious. I really enjoying designing this suite, especially since I got to incorporate gold foil on both the insert and the invitation. There wasn't a lot of pieces to this set, so it was imperative that we incorporate the envelope liner and use gold foil on the insert so all the pieces felt connected. To further enhance the cohesiveness we used the same metallic ivory paper for the insert and the liner as well as the same metallic navy for the envelope and the invitation.  The detailed, Moroccan-style pattern reiterates the over-the-top feel of this suite.  

No. 4 :: Dylan & James 

Dylan & James were my first same sex couple and I loved working with both their personalities. We brainstormed together to come up with the direction of their wedding invitations, blending both Dylan's creativity and James' sense of refinement. The wedding was at the Alberta Art Gallery so we decided to keep the design clean and modern to reflect the venue. The fonts used have a masculine tone and the wood grain pattern was used within the rest of the wedding. It's hard to see the detail in the photo, but a clear foil was used on the dark navy cover stock for the invitation – trust me, it's so cool! This wedding was featured on the knot, where you can see a full gallery, including the awesome cheese board with the engraved monogram I designed! 

No. 3 :: Brittany & Nick

This invitation suite was one I checked off my invitation "wish list" and is why it is in my top 10. This is the first invitation I had printed on wood! A dark walnut wood was screen printed with ivory ink to coordinate with the ivory paper used throughout. The rustic nature of the design was further enhanced with the kraft outer envelope. To incorporate twine and save paper, we used an rsvp tag. 

No 2 :: Charlotte & Franz 

This was not only one of my favourite suites of 2015, but of all time! All the stops were pulled out for this one – no detail was left undone! This suite had everything from custom postage, a monogram wax seal, and an envelope liner. All the pieces were letterpress printed and the invitation was printed on an ultra-thick cotton paper (which feels like cardboard because it's so thick)! The subtle mix of papers gives this set an uniqueness. This design coincides with my personal tastes so it has a special place in my heart. I loved creating the design and adore the final product. Charlotte was a dream to work with, trusting me every step of the way. This beauty will go down in history for me! 

No. 1 :: Anita & Ben 

I started the design process for this invitation with very little direction, which gave me a liberating amount of creative freedom! I had so much fun designing this modern and graphic invite, which happens to be my favourite style (as per number 9 on this list)! The format of this invitation is simple, but the finishing details truly set this invitation apart. This folded invitation is oversized to fit in an A9 envelope to give it a grand presence. The shape is a custom die-cut, I designed to mimic the "triangle theme" throughout. A super high-end metallic paper was used to give the invitation weight in your hand. It was offset printed because of the texture and heavy weight. An iridescent violet paper was used for the delicately laser-cut cigar band. I love how every piece, including the envelope, is a different colour and they blend together seamlessly. Everything about this invitation contributes to the overwhelming "wow" factor!