Vendor Spotlight :: Love Inc. Dessert Tables

Today I am happy to share a talented Edmonton wedding vendor who creates custom dessert tables. I've had the pleasure to work with Lindsey of LOVEinc. on numerous occasions. We design the labels for the mouth-watering candies and sweet treats featured on her dessert tables. This past February she was also kind enough to create a dessert table for my first Trunk Show event. Below she shares some insight into herself, her business and some things to consider if you are having a dessert table at your wedding. 


Explain the concept behind LOVEinc. Dessert Styling.

At LOVEinc. Dessert Styling, I create high end dessert tables that are equal parts art and edible. I gather and style desserts from many of the best bakeries in Edmonton and put them together with luxurious linens, beautiful stationery, gorgeous dessert stands & decor to create an amazing display that will WOW your guests.  Dessert tables are a fun conversation piece that allow guests to interact with one another while picking out their favourite treats.  For me, desserts are nostalgic, something everyone looks forward to and leaves room for. They bring out the kid in all of us and seeing desserts displayed in an unconventional way is truly unforgettable.  

Why did you start creating dessert tables?

I have a passion for all things pretty and have always been a creative person who loves to bake. The tables started as a way for me to combine my two passions by creating something visually stunning and delicious. I started creating the tables for friends and family and it slowly blossomed into a business. It has turned into and incredibly fun career and I feel blessed to have such a sweet job. I don't do the baking anymore as I feel like I can't excel at every type of dessert so I focus on the design elements and finding bakeries that specialize in their own brand of sweets. By collaborating with local bakers, I get to provide my clients with all of the best tasting and looking sweets in the city!

What is the typical process for hiring LOVEinc.?  Is the design process completely custom for each client?

Each table is custom designed to turn the clients vision into reality and make sure it is unique for them. I meet with clients to hear about the feel of the wedding, the colour scheme and other elements they have already established. We talk about their favourite desserts and I answer any questions they might have. After the initial consultation, I map out and sketch the table arrangement. I pull swatches, collect cake stands & candy jars, order lighting and source flowers & decor.  I also create a custom backdrops if requested. Lastly, I source desserts, candy, treat bags and dessert tags. I set up the table in my office to make sure the design is exactly what I envisioned before packing up and heading off to the big event!

What is your favourite treats to use in sweets tables?

Definitely French Macarons! They are visually stunning, come in a wide variety of colours and flavours and are absolutely delicious!!!!

What is your favourite part of your job?

Taste-testing? lol. In all honesty, the best part of my job is to be able to express my creativity in an unexpected way.

Tips to couples considering a dessert table at their wedding?  What are the pros and cons of doing it yourself or hiring a pro?

Don't underestimate the time that goes into producing a beautiful dessert table. A properly executed table has many elements you may not even think about like flavours and quantity of the sweets, and design elements such as linens, backdrops, lighting, floral and stationery. You also need to balance the various components of the table to make sure they flow together to make the table visually stunning. Tables also always take longer to set-up than you would think! I am usually at the venue 6-8 hours before the event.  Not everyone has that kind of time to commit to set up on their wedding day. Many brides try to DIY and end up so stressed that they forget what the big day is all about.  Hire and trust the vendors who can produce a memorable event while you relax and enjoy the big day!