Top 10 :: 2015 Wedding Invitations (Part 1)

As 2016 approached, I began to reflect on the amazing clients I worked with in 2015. I'm truly humbled to create stationery for a couple's wedding day. I'm also extremely grateful that my clients appreciate and trust me enough to give me creative freedom to discover and explore throughout our process working together. 

Thinking back throughout the year, I had the opportunity to create some pretty spectacular invitations! I certainly checked a lot off my "wish list", including my first wood invitation! I've decided it was necessary to share these beautiful invitations (especially since I can be a tad slow updating my portfolio)! While each of my client's invitations are special, there is something about these 10 that stood out to me. 

DISCLAIMER: The photos don't do justice to most of the invitations. In most cases, the invitation needs to be held to experience the texture of the paper or the finishing details such as embossing and laser-cutting. I'll do my best to describe all the effects. 

No. 10 :: Mariah & Nathan

This was one of the first suites I created that was all "light". Another first on this suite was the amount of BLING applied! I really like the subtle shifts in the paper choices from the off-white metallic envelope and cigar band to the warm white cotton cover. A third, light grey paper was incorporated in the envelope liner. The luxurious nature of the suite was exemplified by the addition of embossing to the decorative elements on the invitation. 

No. 9 :: Katrina & Richard

I found a great sense of joy creating this suite for Katrina & Richard. Katrina had a very specific vision of what she wanted and it took some perseverance to get it PERFECT! The floral garland on this invitation was thoughtfully created and customized to the brides colour palette. We decided to make the invitation 5.5"x8.5" (A9 envelope), which is a bit larger than the standard 5"x7" (A7 envelope). The presence from the size and the combination of the florals and envelope colour made me fall in love with this suite! 

No. 8 :: Kaila & Peter

Both Kaila and Peter are teachers so they decided to go all in for school-themed stationery. This invitation made my top 10 for it's uniqueness and because I had so much fun designing it. The inspiration for this invitation came from old-school scribblers. Doodles and hand-written fonts are used throughout. 

No. 7 :: Elayne & Jesse

Designing this suite was a unique process for me as Elayne was open to collaborating on some aspects of the production of the finished product. Gold was a key colour in the wedding palette, but a foil printing was not in the budget. I decided to create a rubber stamp for both the cigar band and the return address, which Elayne and Jesse stamped themselves and assembled. I also am quite fond of the rich colour palette used, especially since it's a departure from the typical wedding palettes of the last few years. 

No. 6 :: Joanne & Michael 

This invitation was a labour of love and that is why it is on this list! Joanne wanted an invitation that was clean and modern yet unique. The design itself is quite simple, but the packaging and finishing details are super cool. To create the initial presentation of invitation I punched a circle in the cigar band to reveal the monogram on the reverse of the rsvp insert. I really wanted to match the aqua paper from the liner to the solid colour on the reverse of the rsvp insert (rather than printing an ink colour), which meant I had to manually adhere the paper to make a duplex. I just love the mix metallic and matte papers colours used for this suite!