Vendor Spotlight :: The Paper Wedding by Carmen

I'm so excited to share this local vendor with you today. I first found The Paper Wedding on Instagram and was overwhelmed by the creative back drop designs created exclusively with paper. I've asked Carmen, the owner, to share a bit about herself and her rapidly growing company. Make sure to check out her Facebook page and Instagram feed for more inspiring photos of her work! 

Infinite Eye Photography

Infinite Eye Photography

1. Tell me a bit about your business and what product and services you offer.

The Paper Wedding by Carmen is an artisan, handmade paper art studio located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. In the core, it’s about transforming the everyday into the extraordinary whether it is for weddings, stylized photography, or event decor.

I offer pieces designed and crafted to suit each client’s taste. I also offer paper flower wall rentals for the niche market looking for an unique and artistic addition to decor. It’s a truly personalized service where each piece or rental set up is different. The versatility of the paper art can be transformed into backdrops, stand alone pieces or accents. One of my favourite parts of creating in my studio is taking the unique visions of my clients and making them come to life.

2. What inspired you to start this business?

My family and my passion for creativity are the inspiration behind The Paper Wedding by Carmen. My dad instilled in me that creativity flows through everyone. The more we tap into it, the more it flows. I also often hear my mom’s words, “I bet we can make that” echo through my head as I draw inspiration from the world around me. When I was really young, I would spend hours creating paper purses, make up sets, dolls and houses. My mom was always searching my room for the scissors! Creating, whether with paper, fabric, metal or wood, is a favorite pastime within my family.

Everyone says to find a job that doesn’t feel like work. Meeting with clients, exploring their ideas, playing around with new designs and materials, none of this feels really like work! Sure, after 20 hours of petal curling and hot glue burns, I start going a bit fuzzy, but I always wake up the next day, itching to get my scissors in my hand onto the next piece. What’s better than waking up in the morning to transform ordinary paper into something beautiful! 

I also owe a large portion of my success to social media. The Paper Wedding really took off on social media, through my Instagram and Facebook page. It’s so inspiring to see the community that is already out there or forms around the product you create. I’ve made some great friendships by following other “crafters” from all over the world. They fuel my passion and provide endless inspiration.

Scade Photography

Scade Photography

3. What is your background before being a business owner?

My husband and I are very busy! We own Blank Skate + Snowboard, a local shop that also specializes in custom backyard skateboard ramps.  During the summer months I can often be found trading glue and scissors for screws and a drill.

Before The Paper Wedding, I was also working on a Children’s Rehab Team, and actually still work during the day as a Pediatric Therapy Assistant. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work on two of my passions, creating and working with children.   

4. List your favourite products to create and why.

It’s hard for me to pick favourites, because I love the challenge of starting on a new vision from scratch. I always seem to find a new favourite in each piece that I create.

That being said, I still love creating the classic paper roses. They are so timeless and versatile. Whether they are 2 ft jumbo roses, or tiny bouquet petals, I find that they can work within any wedding or event theme.

5. Have there been certain trends for the items brides are requesting this year and next? 

Flowers are timeless; they never go out of style. That’s the best part about creating paper flowers, they’re versatile and they don’t die! I have noticed a few trends popping up in the high fashion industry, like the paper flowers at Chanel’s bridal fashion show a few years ago, Dior’s massive orchid walls this past spring, and the paper flower wall at the recent NYC Bridal Fashion Week. It’s even been popular among celebrities, like Kim and Kanye West’s white flower wall at their wedding. 

I’ve also noticed a lot of pastel colours, rustic themes, and clean, modern simplicity at the weddings I have set my backdrops up at. 

6. How far in advance do clients need to book your services?

I have been booking up fairly quickly, especially for dates within prime wedding season. It really depends on the client’s vision. If they want a customized piece for their event, I ask for at least 2 months notice. If interested in renting something from my studio stock, it all depends on availability of the panels. I do try and make everything work, so if you are reading this and have a last minute request, don’t hesitate to call me, it might still be a possibility!

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