PLEASE NOTE: Our minimum turnaround for all orders is 8 weeks or longer, depending on the parameters of the design or the volume of other orders at the time. 

Below is the key steps in the process of ordering your wedding stationery. 

  1. Consultation
    We discuss the vision for your wedding: colours, visual elements needed, deadlines, and quantities. e meet with clients in-person or by phone and Skype.
    Phone and in-person meetings are by appointment only.
  2. Estimate
    Based your consultation and the type of invitation that was discussed, a personalized price quote will be emailed.  
  3. Deposit & Contract
    Once the estimate is accepted, an invoice for a 50% deposit along with an electronic contract will be emailed. Both these items are is required before any design work commences.
    The electronic invoice has a link to pay via Paypal or an email money transfer can be sent. 
  4. Hard-copy Proof Meeting
    Based on the initial consultation a hard-copy mock-up is provided in a second meeting. A variation of design (for custom only), paper and envelope choices are shown with the mock-up. 
  5. Feedback & Refinement
    Any changes or revisions to the hard-copy mock-up are made at this time. Changes can be sent via email or in-person at another meeting, if required.
  6. Digital Proofs
    A digital PDF proof of the invitation will be emailed. A signed copy of the proof form is required to proceed with printing.
  7. Approval
    When you have no further changes to the PDF proof we require your signature as approval to print your order.
    When you are ready to approve the proof we will email you the PDF for electronic signature through an online signature program (no fax or scanning required).
  8. Production
    Your order is sent for printing.
  9. Final Payment
    We will email you an invoice with the final balance owing.
    The electronic invoice has a link to pay via Paypal or an email money transfer can be sent. 
  10. Delivery
    Invitations are either mailed using our mailing service, shipped to client, or available for pick-up. The balance of the invoice is due upon delivery.